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We know our customers’ requirements when it comes to the planning, construction, rehabilitation and start-up of electrical panels.


Industriy & Public Services

Transport and Infrastructure

Elcor AS is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of electrical panels and complete panel systems. Our products make up the very heart of any modern installation used for monitoring, control, power distribution, safety and operations. All systems critical to society will have a key function for which Elcor products are applicable.

Elcor – a flexible, accessible business partner.

Being a manufacturer-independent supplier gives us the freedom to choose the right products in consultation with our customers and deliver them in a timely manner. Thanks to our continuous manufacturing process we have ready access to panel equipment and can supply spare parts around the clock if necessary.

We know our customers’ requirements when it comes to the planning, construction and start-up of electrical panels.

As a valued partner of our sub-vendors, we also have extensive 24/7 access to the equipment they supply.


Elcor has extensive experience and unique expertise in supplying the international offshore industry.

We supply all types of panels for the safe distribution of electricity offshore, based on flexible modular systems.

We comply with CSA and other international standards and requirements stipulated for electrical and control panels that need to function under the most severe conditions.

Operational reliability is of paramount importance on all offshore installations. Elcor has its own test facilities and everything we supply is subjected to thorough testing before shipping. Mandatory certificates and necessary information are included with every delivery.

Elcor is a manufacturer-independent supplier. Our project engineers are therefore able to design and tailor every delivery according to our customer’s requirements and based on their own extensive experience in the selection of components.

  • Main distribution boards
  • Sub-distribution boards
  • MCC
  • UPS distribution boards
  • Server rack cabinets
  • Crane controller cabinets and control chairs
  • Crane/winch control systems
  • Starter panels
  • HPU starter/operator panels
  • F&G systems
  • HVAC control systems
  • Cooling/heating systems
  • RIO cabinets
  • Roughneck control systems
  • Test/simulator racks
  • BOP/XMT crane-power and interface panels
  • Drilling control cabinets
  • Mud pump control

We have extensive experience of Ex material and Ex cabinets and are certified by DNV in accordance with the current ATEX directive as a supplier of and service provider for Ex e and Ex d equipment.

Elcor has achieved standing as a preferred panel supplier to the building, construction and other industries as a result of our high level of quality and technical know-how.

Land-based industry

Our electrical panels are at the very heart of the equipment that ensures operational reliability in commercial buildings, hospitals and various industrial infrastructure such as roads, tunnels and railways.

Our extensive experience over more than thirty years and our detailed knowledge of NORSOK, CSA and other international standards, enable us to handle any requirements stipulated for electrical and control panels that need to function under the most severe conditions.

  • Main panels and distribution panels
  • Residential electrical cabinets
  • Meter cabinets for high-rise rehabilitation projects
  • Control panels
  • Automation panels
  • Ventilation panels
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

We can also assist in the installation and connection of all our products to bus bars in collaboration with electricians in the field.

Transport and infrastructure

Elcor has quickly become one of the largest suppliers to transport projects of all sizes

We have, among other things, supplied equipment to the Ryfast Tunnel project, which is the world’s longest subsea tunnel. Here, Elcor developed a special emergency/fire cabinet, certified by NEMKO for use in tunnels.

In the planning and implementation phases of a project we perform the necessary calculations and produce complete schematic drawings. In addition, we often assist with calculations using the FEBDOK software package to address the technical challenges presented by an installation. As an independent supplier we are free to select the best configuration for each individual project. We offer a unique range of our experience and are fully equipped to take on projects of all sizes. We can act as a professional resource for all design-build contractors involved in transport infrastructure projects, whether they be roads, tunnels, railways or bridges.

  • Tunnels
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Data centres
  • Charging stations
  • Transformer kiosks
  • Power stations

Drawing on our long experience of product deliveries, we can supply a wide range of services for ships, drilling platforms and offshore facilities.

Ex products, systems and production

Our Ex and Heat products include the entire spectrum of services, from development, design, surveys, engineering, certification and production to installation support.
The products are certified according to DNV GL’s strictest requirements. They are also ATEX and IECEx certified.

We supply products for winterising ships and offshore installations, among others.

We have our own test centre, with a freezing chamber and wind simulator and we supply an Anti-Ice Cassette (AIC) system for evacuation routes, walkways and work sites. We offer control systems and distribution panels, as well as junction boxes, both standard and tailored to specific projects.

  • SS316L material
  • Ex and industry standard
  • Enclosure heaters – Ex
  • Manifold heaters – Ex
  • Industrial Heat Trace design and concepts
  • Thermostats of various types
  • Manufacture at an authorised workshop

Elcor has extensive experience of and considerable know-how when it comes to heat tracing products and methods used in the oil and gas industry. Elcor provides detailed heat trace design, field support, installation and the start-up and verification of such installations.

Heat Trace
Elcor has developed certified products to complement the product portfolios of most heating cable manufacturers. As a result, our products are highly applicable in most types of installations and applications, especially in connection with the Norwegian continental shelf and its prevailing regulations. We stock several products, such as heating cables, terminal sets, end seals, thermostats, SS316 Ex e cases, and so on, needed for the installation of heating cables of all types, in both safe and explosion-prone environments. Our specially-developed Control & Monitoring system can to a large extent be adapted to suit the customer’s requirements. This provides enhanced potential and efficiency for the user, as well as enabling local adaptation of installed heating cable installations.

AIC winterisation

Calling on our own experience of product deliveries, Elcor can supply a wide range of services for use on ships, drilling platforms and offshore facilities. We can assist in all stages of service provision, including early phase studies, concept evaluation, engineering, installation support and mechanical completion. Our team has extensive experience of winterisation projects of all sizes and has supplied panels and Ex products to major, prestigious installations, both onshore and offshore for more than thirty years.

Our product portfolio, experience and know-how enable us to assemble anything, from simple frost protection installations to complex product lines and winterisation concepts.

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